Cat on a stack in an antique shop near Lucca
I’m a writer in search of my tribe. Figure out the sort of person who might enjoy your books and reach out to them. They say. So, Are you the sort of person who gives a Monalisa smile when people ask about your misspent youth? A headstrong, romantic person who follows their heart into trouble and then holds onto love like a terrier gripping a smelly rag? Are you the sort of person who when told they can’t do something says, ‘watch me?’ but doesn’t always succeed? Do you believe in freedom, love, and truth but God and religion, not so much? Is trouble and fun attracted to you like cat fur to a black jumper? Do you love the sea, hills, starlight, Keats, and Daphne Du Maurier? Do you love, love, love Italy? Would you- eventually- be amused by gritty stories lyrically written from the heart (with one eye on ideally not being sued) that perhaps remind you of first love in the 80’s, adventures and struggles in Italy and beyond? I’m a writer, not a published yet, I have nothing to sell, but I would so love to meet my tribe. I’ve started a blog; it’s early days and I am honing my craft. But if you have a spare five minutes, nibble on an amuse bouche, I would so love it if you could follow me 🙂 Thank you so much! Pics are a cat on a stack in an antique shop near Lucca My daughter at a wild beach in Maremma 3am New Year’s Day in Rome with no buses Printed off manuscript – all the easier to edit
BB in wonderful Maremma
Early drafts
3am New Year's Day Rome 2023

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